Sea Lions Island

Enjoy this Maritime Excursion and get a wonderful view
of the city of Ushuaia!
The tour start at the touristic pier "Don Eduardo Arturo Brisighelli"
along the coast of Ushuaia, having a view of the most important buildings, Maritime
Museum (old prison), Museum of the End of the World, industrial area, installed
since 1980, etc. From this point, the landscape is a combination of sea and
mountains, and you can see Olivia and Five Brothers hills, the Ranch Fique and
Tunnel, the Escarpado hills and Encajonado
River. From there, the
tour heads to the center of the Beagle Channel, towards the southwest, arriving
to the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, at the archipelago of the same name. In one
of these islands is possible to see parts of the ship Monte Cervantes, which
was shipwrecked in 1930. Heading towards the Island of Sea Wolves,
you can enjoy the view of the games of these curious and friendly marine
mammals and in complete silence navigate around the island for about 20 minutes
observing its permanent habitat, in a wonderful setting. Then the catamaran
will go towards the Birds
Island to see the
Magellanic Cormorants and the majesty of the Imperial Cormorants, albatrosses,
petrels Fullman, Giant Petrels, Squas and 20 different species of seabirds.
Later, sailing through Paso Chico, the return to Ushuaia, with a view of the
beautiful frame that Mount Martial gives  to the city the and its glacier
of the same name.



  • Bilingual guide.

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