Argentinean Falls

Meet one of the 7
natural wonders of the world!! It will cover the upper and lower walkways,
stroll in Ecological Train and visit the Devil's Throat whose indescribable
beauty and energy excites all, offering an impressive array of sounds and
landscapes. It is an unforgettable journey and has very low difficulty as it
has no stairs. In the Upper Circuit accessed magnificent panoramic views of the
Falls and the Iguazu
River delta formed by a
set of leafy islands. Difficulty: no stairs. Finally they tour the Lower
Circuit: A set of footbridges strategically designed that allow the diverse
views of the Falls and a close encounter with the waterfalls and charming
corners of the jungle. Difficulty: with stairs. It is recommended to wear light
clothing and comfortable shoes.


It Includes

  • Excursion transport fare
  • Ecological train fare

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