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Perito Moreno National Park

This is an unforgettable trip for anyone visiting El Calafate and want to have an impressive panoramic view of Perito Moreno Glacier! From El Calafate to Perito Moreno Glacier average a distance of 80 km by paved road almost entirely, which includes paths and mountain steppe. Since its inception the trip holds pleasant surprises. Leaving the town, on the right we can see Lake Argentino with its Redonda bay. Here you can see a large variety of birds, highlighting the black neck swan, flamingos, steam duck, coot, cauquén and others. In the first 40km through the Patagonian steppe, later moving to the entrance of the National Park to observe the timberline mostly belonging to the family notofagus (ñires, sour cherry, beech) and cinnamon trees, and various flowers colors including notro, highlighted by its deep red color corresponding it to the Andean Patagonian forest. Once on the glacier, we see his majesty, that
impacts the visitor's eyes. Parts of wonder we glided are found walking down the steps or bridges to get different views of the front of the glacier. In the resting area you can access to restaurants, a snack bar and restrooms.


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