Sailing + Lunch River Plate

If you want to know Buenos Aires from another perspective, this is the perfect tour for you!

Enjoy two hours of navigation where you will have the magnificent opportunity to meet the city from the Río de la Plata.

You will understand why it is called "The Queen of Plata".

We can enjoy a lunch on board with an exceptional view that adorns the coasts of the City.

During the trip we can observe the interior of the Port of Buenos Aires with all its activity, The Yacht Club Argentino, The old Hotel of the Immigrants, the riverside silhouette, The Fishermen's Club with its typical construction, Jorge Newbery Airport, National University, until you reach River Plate Club.

The different practices of nautical sports, boats of different sizes and as a backdrop the wonderful view of the City Porteña flirting with in a stunning sunset.


The tour includes: 

  • Transfers
  • Navigation
  • Lunch

from USD $55

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